Friday 5 February 2021

A Forex Pair Snapshot Chart

After yesterday's Heatmap Plot of Forex Temporal Clustering post I thought I would consolidate all the chart types I have recently created into one easy, snapshot overview type of chart. Below is a typical example of such a chart, this being today's 10 minute EUR_USD forex pair chart up to a few hours after the London session close (the red vertical line).

The top left chart is a Market/Volume Profile Chart with added rolling Value Area upper and lower bounds (the cyan, red and white lines) and also rolling Volume Weighted Average Price with upper and lower standard deviation lines (magenta).

The bottom left chart is the turning point heatmap chart as described in yesterday's post.

The two rightmost charts are also Market/Volume Profile charts, but of my Currency Strength Candlestick Charts based on my Currency Strength Indicator. The upper one is the base currency, i.e. EUR, and the lower is the quote currency. 

The following charts are the same day's charts for:


and finally USD_JPY
The regularity of the turning points is easily seen in the lower lefthand charts although, of course, this is to be expected as they all share the USD as a common currency. However, there are also subtle differences to be seen in the "shadows" of the lighter areas.

For the nearest future my self-assigned task will be to observe the forex pairs, in real time, through the prism of the above style of chart and do some mental paper trading, and perhaps some really small size, discretionary live trading, in additional to my normal routine of research and development.

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