Monday 5 July 2021

Market Profile Low Volume Node Chart

As a diversion to my recent work with Matrix Profile I have recently completed work on a new chart type in Octave, namely a Market Profile Low Volume Node (LVN) chart, two slightly different versions of which are shown below.

This first one is derived from a TPO chart, whilst the next
is derived from a Volume profile chart.

The horizontal lines are drawn at levels which are considered to be "lows" in the underlying, but not shown, TPO/Volume profiles. The yellow lines are "stronger lows" than the green lines, and the blue lines are extensions of the previous day's "strong lows" in force at the end of that day's trading.

The point of all this, according to online guru theory, is that price is expected to be "rejected" at LVNs by either bouncing, a la support or resistance, or by price powering through the LVN level, usually on increased volume. The charts show the rolling development of the LVNs as the underlying profiles change throughout the day, hence lines can appear and disappear and change colour. As this is a new avenue of investigation for me I feel it is too soon to make a comment on these lines' efficacy, but it does seem uncanny how price very often seems to react to these levels.

More in due course.