Saturday 17 April 2010

Reasons for starting this blog

The purpose of this blog is for me to document the development of a trading system that I intend to use for my own trading and to hopefully receive constructive criticism from those who care to offer it. I have been testing different elements of this system on and off and in isolation from each other for some time now on my computer and in "demo account" mode with Collective2 (press clickable Collective2 icon at the top of the blog), with an occasional live trade, and I now want to completely overhaul and improve each element and integrate them so that together they constitute a complete trading system. At the moment I don't envisage that this system will ever be 100% mechanical or fully automated in the sense of a trading robot or EA, but I do hope that this process of development and possible feedback from readers will lead to a set of indicators/rules/guidelines that will prove to be profitable in the future.

Another reason for starting the blog is the idea that it will become my online trading journal.

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Vaibhav Kabdwal said...

Will start reading your blog from the very first day on the day of Diwali (Hindu festival). Thanks for the effort buddy !!